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    Thanks to the introduction of world-class genetics and revolutionary biotech events, our unprecedented product performance has brought remarkable value to the farmer. This rapid emergence of new technologies and seed products also generated a tremendous amount of information for the farmer to consider – what may seem like “information overload” in some cases.

    But you can only obtain optimum value from your crops if you’re knowledgeable enough to make the right seed decisions. We’re ready to help you decipher all of the product and technology information, then assist you in placing the right products – in the right locations – for your operation.



    As the industry changes, it is vitally important to stay ahead of the curve and as one of America’s leading seed companies, Midwest Seed Genetics is pushing the next level of genetics and technology breakthroughs to the forefront. Our very specialized strategy – bringing together only the highest quality seed components from both internal and external sources – represents the future of the seed business.

YieldGard® VT for Better Corn Rootworm Control

    While cool, wet conditions have delayed planting in some areas, Monsanto’s newest corn technology, YieldGard™ VT, available from Midwest Seed Genetics, can help protect against the uncertainty of the weather by providing growers with greater consistency and improved in-plant insect protection than previous corn rootworm control products. This is especially true early in the season when the corn plant is most susceptible to rootworm feeding.

    Our unique focus allows Midwest Seed Genetics to access valuable sources for germplasm, biotechnology traits and seed treatments – regardless of the provider. As a result, Midwest Seed Genetics is extremely well positioned to offer the industry’s leading products – both today and in the future.

All Midwest Seed Genetics corn products treated with Cruiser® Seed Treatment Insecticide

    When you factor in performance, convenience and safety benefits, you’ll quickly realize that every bag of Midwest Seed’s seed treated with Cruiser Extreme™ Pak offers a new dimension in seed ... and added value to your farm.

    Cruiser Extreme Pak provides the seedling with superior protection against a broad spectrum of early-season insects and diseases. A unique technological advancement allows for the combination of Cruiser® seed treatment (a systemic insecticide) and three proven seed treatment fungicides – Maxim® XL, Apron XL® and new Dynasty™. This formulation – which is already on the seed when it arrives at the farm – systemically moves throughout the young corn seedling to protect it against target pests via both contact and stomach activity. The seed treatment fungicides help establish an outstanding crop stand, and help protect – and even improve – your yield potential.

    Adding Dynasty fungicide to our standard fungicide tandem of Maxim XL and Apron XL bolsters and broadens fungal defense by providing systemic defense against diseases in all four classes of fungal pathogens.


    More and more soybean farmers are discovering that Midwest Seed soybeans contain a very advantageous component: extra value. Growers are realizing our soybeans are more consistent than other products on the market. Committed to the same standards of genetic superiority and performance applied to our corn line, we have some of the best soybean products available today. 

    By bringing together only the highest value components – elite germplasm, powerful defensive traits, high quality seeds and the latest technologies – all at a fair price, we can continue to build exceptional value for our customers. With a full line of products, Midwest Seed soybeans are proven performers across the Midwest.


     Glacial Lakes Ag Supply is a full service company.  We offer the treatment of our soybeans to reduce your risk against yield threatening pests.

    Gaucho® Seed-applied Insecticide provides unmatched protection against the worst early season pests – acting both on contact to protect the roots and systemically to protect the plant.  

  • Convenient; applied to the seed by your seed supplier
  • Protection from chinch bug and wireworm up to 28 days after planting
  • Keeps aphid populations below the economic threshold for up to 65 days
  • Reduces early season damage caused by bean leaf beetles and seed corn maggots
  • Profitable yield advantage – averaging 8 bushels per acre over the untreated check in comparisons over the past three years
  • Controls insects that spread viruses, like bean pod mottle and soybean mosaic viruses
  • Easy on beneficial insects – active ingredient is inside the plant’s tissues where beneficial insects do not come into contact with it
  • Protection against soybean aphids for up to 65 days
  • Reduces feeding damage from over-wintering bean leaf beetles helping prevent the spread of bean pod mottle virus
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